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Apply for a copy of your archived Deed Poll
(using our secure server)

If you returned your signed Deed Poll to us for archiving (as part of our Legal Copy and Archive Service), we can issue further legal copies from our archives.  The fee is 12 for the first legal copy and 2 each for any additional legal copies (e.g. the fee for three legal copies is 16).

Please note, there is a 12 search fee payable for this service, which is waived if your Deed Poll is in our archives or if you subsequently order a new Deed Poll.  Therefore, you will only pay the 12 search fee if your Deed Poll is not in our archives and you do not order a new Deed Poll.

If you ordered your Deed Poll from us before 2000, we will not have your Deed Poll archived because before this year our Legal Copy and Archive Service was not available.

We can only issue legal copies of a Deed Poll from our archives to the person named on the Deed Poll.  In the case of a child's Deed Poll, we can issue legal copies to anyone with parental responsibility for the child (evidence of having parental responsibility may be required).

This graphic ( ) appears next to questions that must be answered.

Section 1
Your details

Your first name and surname.

The address you would like
your legal copies posted to

(please include your postcode)
Press your Enter key at the end of each line of your address.
Date of birth

Email address To receive a confirmation email, please replace our email
address with your email address.  Please ensure there are no
spaces in your email address.

Daytime telephone number

Please provide a number we can contact you on during the day.
We will only call you if we have a query with your application.

Best time to call you
For example, 9 to 5, after 10am, afternoon etc.

Section 2
Details of the Deed Poll you require copies of

This information is required to enable us to locate your Deed Poll in our archives. Give a best guess for any information you are not sure of.
How many legal copies
do you require
Select the number of copies you require from the drop-down list.
Whose name change
is on the Deed Poll
Click in this drop-box to select an option.
 If the Deed Poll was for a child, what
is your relationship to the child
Enter your relationship e.g. Mother, Father, Guardian etc.
If the Deed Poll was for a child,
how old is the child now
Select the age from the drop-down list.
The former name printed
on the Deed Poll
Enter the full former name.
The new name printed
on the Deed Poll
Enter the full new name.
The address printed
on the Deed Poll
Press your Enter key at the end of each address line.
The month and year the
Deed Poll was signed
Click in these drop-down lists to select the month and year.

Our archives only contain Deed Polls issued by us from May 2000.
If your Deed Poll was issued before May 2000, please click on this link
for information about how to apply for a replacement Deed Poll.
The name of the witness
If you're not sure, leave blank.
Any comments or
additional information


Section 3
Which delivery service do you require?

Working days are Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

Delivery service required
UK Standard: Free
        We aim to post within four working days by 1st class mail.

UK Priority: +4
        Posted same day by 1st class mail (if application received by 5.30pm
        Monday to Friday).

UK Express: +10
        Posted same day for guaranteed delivery by 1pm next working day
        (if application received by 5.30pm Monday to Friday).

UK Express: (Saturday delivery): +14
        Guaranteed delivery by 1pm Saturday (if received between 5.30pm
        Thursday and 5.30pm Friday).

UK Express Plus: +20
        Posted same day for guaranteed delivery by 9am next working day
        (if application received by 5.30pm Monday to Friday).

UK Express Plus (Saturday delivery): +24
        Guaranteed delivery by 9am Saturday (if application received between
        5.30pm Thursday and 5.30pm Friday).

Overseas Standard: +5
        We aim to post within four working days by Royal Mail's Tracked or
        Signed airmail service.

Overseas Express: +10
        Posted same day by Royal Mail's Tracked or Signed airmail service
        (if application received by 5.30pm Monday to Friday).

Overseas Express Courier: +10 +FedEx fees
         Posted same day using FedEx's International Priority service (if
         application received by 1pm Monday to Friday).  Delivery will be
         between 1 and 3 working days depending upon country (next working
         day to USA and Canada).  Use the link below to see FedEx's fees.

Click on this link (opens pop-up window) for further information about our UK Standard, UK Priority, UK Express services, Overseas Standard and Overseas Express services.

Click on this link (opens pop-up window) for further information and the fees for our Overseas Express Courier service (using FedEx).

Section 4
How will you be paying?

If paying by card, we accept Mastercard, Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Maestro and American Express.

Payment method

Our postal address is given
in section 6 below

Using my card details provided in section 5 below

I will call you with my card details
        Please see top right of this page for our telephone numbers and hours.

        We will send you a separate email telling you how to pay by PayPal.


Postal order

International money order

Section 5
Complete this section if you are paying by debit or credit card
(this is a secure server)

You can use someone else's card if you have their permission.  We may call the cardholder to confirm their consent.
Card type

Click in this drop-box to select a card type.
Card number

The long number across the middle of the card.

Expiry date

Security number

The last 3 digits printed on the card's signature
strip (4 digits on the front of AmEx cards)

Cardholder's name

As it appears on the card
Cardholder's telephone number

If different from your contact number given in section 1

Statement address
If different from your delivery address given in section 1

Section 6
If paying by cheque or postal order

Please make your cheque or postal order payable to UK Deed Poll Service and write your name and address on back. If paying by cheque, we must allow five working days for cheque clearance.
Our postal address UK Deed Poll Service, Freebournes Court, Witham, CM8 2BL, United Kingdom.

Please check over your details
before clicking the submit button:

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